The ZORA Token

The ZORA Token is the native cryptocurrency to the Zoracles platform

Quick Facts

Symbol: ZORA Platform / Type: Ethereum / ERC-20 Address: 0xD8E3FB3b08eBA982F2754988d70D57eDc0055ae6 Circulating Supply: 5690 Total Supply: 10000


Governance: In its current state, the ZORA token functions as a governance token. Governance token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself.

Lending: To access uncollateralized lending or liquidity lines of credit, you will need to meet hold the ZORA token, and for at least 30 days.

Future Utility: Zoracles is exploring a variety of different applications for the ZORA Token, including DeFi features, fees, profit-sharing,

Further Information