Price Feeds

Zoracles Price Feed Product

Current Status

Zoracles is currently not focused on price feeds as of 2021. The concept of integrating ZKPs into price feed data was explored in 2020. Although we felt this technology was sound, the Zoraces team had a better market response to the credit-based products. We will continue to honor our partnerships regarding price feeds, and continue to have code available if other platforms wish to integrate our technology.

Price feed code can be found in our Github, as well as the demonstration site.

Technical Information

The Open Oracle is a standard developed by Compound and utilized by Zoracles. Their SDK allows reporters to sign key-value pairs (e.g. a price feed) that interested users can post to the blockchain.

The system has a built-in view system that allows clients to easily share data and build aggregates (e.g. the median price from several sources).

Zoracles enhances Open Oracle by providing zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) for confidential data delivery to smart contracts. Our ZKPs have been built with Zokrates to speed the development process and enable deployment on any Open Oracle implementation.

Zoracles will be implemented on the following contracts:

  • OpenZoraclesPriceData* - this is where signed prices will be stored

  • UniswapAnchoredView* - prices are anchored to this time-weighted index to set boundaries on acceptable values and prevents adversarial influence

These main contracts will allow Open Oracle users to upgrade their price feeds to leverage the confidentiality of zero-knowledge proofs.

Note: all code contributed to this repository must be licensed under each of 1. MIT, 2. BSD-3, and 3. GPLv3. By contributing code to this repository, you accept that your code is allowed to be released under any or all of these licenses or licenses in substantially similar form to these listed above.