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A list of technical references and some of the team's thoughts on strategy.

Credit Evaluation Systems

What is a Credit Score & How is it Calculated?,More%20are%20added%20each%20year.

Fair, Isaac and Company History

Wikipedia: Credit Bureaus

How Lenders Keep Score

How the Equifax hack happened, and what still needs to be done

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DeFi Lending

DeFi lending and borrowing, explained

What are DeFi Loans?

Governance and DAOs

Wikipedia: Decentralized autonomous organization

Compound Governance

AAVE Governance V2

The Basics of Upgradable Proxy Contracts in Ethereum

ZKPs, zkSNARKs and Zokrates

Zero-Knowledge Proofs Simplified. A ZKP for Where’s Wally.

zkSNARKs and the ZoKrates Toolbox

ZoKrates on GitHub


2021 ZKP Predictions


Decentralized Oracles: a comprehensive overview

Open Oracle


The Delusion of Liquidity

Token Vesting: The In’s and Out’s

Uniswap V3 – What Does the Unicorn Have up Its Hoof?

Thiel's Law

Basics of Market Psychology in Crypto Trading

Technical Papers

zkSNARKs in a Nutshell

“The Knowledge Complexity of Interactive Proof Systems” Goldwasser, Micali, and Rackoff Scientific Papers/Proof Systems/The_Knowledge_Complexity_Of_Interactive_Proof_Systems.pdf