Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Zoracles have a leader or a CEO? There is no chief executive officer, founder, or official leader of Zoracles.

Is the team public or private (anonymous)? In its current form, yes the team is anonymous. The project was started by anonymous developers, venture capitalists, marketers, and contributors.

Why is the team anonymous? We want Zoracles to be about the protocol and not an individual or team. Having an anonymous team has distinct advantages in a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.

How does the organization work? Different members are responsible for code development, community moderation, document creation, marketing, and strategic decision making. A development board exists where non-developers discuss ideas, strategies, and review documents.

Is the team ever going to reveal themselves / become public? The Zoracles team is considering a hybrid approach in the future where we have public figureheads to represent the team especially in regards to corporate and business relations. There are reputable cryptos that take this approach today.

Who are the project developers? As of the ZORA 2.5 launch, there are nine anonymous developers on the project (subject to updates). You can view their activity on the Zoracles GitHub. Please do not attempt to doxx, or harass the development team. Many of them have prioritized Zoracles over other lucrative positions and are here for the long haul.

What do these developers do? Zoracles has developers who specialize in ZKPs (backend), solidity, and frontend work. The greater team also has copywriters, marketing specialists, crypto consultants, and community managers.

What’s the background of the developers? The Zoracles development team has been in the privacy space since 2017. Their backgrounds are from search technology and information retrieval spaces. Developers are familiar with the oracle and privacy spaces. The development came together in early 2020 on the Zoracles projects, and developers were scouted from anonymous message boards.

Who are the community managers and board members? Zoracles’s community leaders and board are experienced copywriters, marketers, legal consultants, venture capitalists, blockchain specialists and know the crypto space very well. Zoracles selected a wide background of managers from different countries and time zones to provide 24/7 service to our discord and telegram groups. Our board is dedicated to providing the most accurate, transparent approach a,s possible, without compromising anonymity. The board speaks regularly regarding document review, strategy, and resolving potential issues.

Where does community interaction happen? We have a Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, and more. Our community is generally split between the more "official" discord and the "casual" telegram. We have community managers and developers on both platforms. Unofficial channels also exist that focus on certain subsets of Zoracles.

How can I contact the Zoracles team? You can reach out by messaging ZORA team members and community managers on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, or direct pm/dm.