General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the general strategy of the team regarding growth? Product The most important Zoracles principle is building a superior product. There is a lot of competition in the crypto industry, but we are positioned to gain market share by developing a product that is superior to current offerings. This can derive from an innovative product vision or privacy & anonymity features that aren’t currently offered by other oracle networks. Our team is committed to product excellence.

Partnerships Building relationships with firms that are interested in the services provided by Zoracles is paramount in the oracle space and business in general. We intended to aggressively court both cryptocurrency and traditional based businesses that wish to use our variety of products. We understand that partnerships are the core of oracle solutions.

Public Relations Zoracles is committed to ethical and “high-impact” marketing and promotion. We want to make sure we get the best outcomes when spending promotional funds.

Professionalism We also have a strong team dedicated to documentation, answering questions, and troubleshooting. Our community managers are available around the clock to answer your questions. If they can’t answer it for you, they’ll find someone who can.

Is Zorales considering other applications for its technology? Yes, and we recognize that not only is the space fluid, but privacy tools could become even greater in the future. As always, the team will respond to market demand for products.

Is Zoracles blockchain agnostic? Zoracles is built on Ethereum. Our governance, price feed products, contracts, token, and future products will be built on Ethereum. We also use toolboxes like Zokrates, which is also built on Ethereum. Being that most of Zoracles is built using Ethereum, it would be difficult for us to migrate to another chain. If needed, it could be done though. We feel that Ethereum currently has a commanding lead as a platform for our application.

Are oracle projects popular? Yes. Chainlink is one of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. There are many exciting new products in addition to Zoracles. An excellent list of them can be found here. Oracle projects create a significant amount of buzz, and chains/companies that do not have their in-house solutions are often partnered with an oracle provider.

What makes Zoracles different from other oracle solutions? Most decentralized oracle networks haven’t integrated zero-knowledge proofs or any data privacy. Their focus has been creating adapters or crypto-economic incentives for solving problems like price feeds.

How did Zoracles build its contracts? Our contracts were built with well-established standards developed and available by OpenZeppelin. We routinely verify new versions of solidity to see if those changes will require the modification of our contracts.

Thanks for the contracts OZ

Has Zoracles had its code audited? We have not done a code audit as of now. We felt like there wasn't much to audit at this time and they are prohibitively expensive for what we would be getting. It's something we want to do when we make more progress in the future though, and we’d love someone reputable to do it.