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Zoracles is a Zero-knowledge oracle protocol. Zoracles is using innovative zero-knowledge proofs and its related technology (zkSNARKs, Zokrates, and more) to build confidential DeFi oracle solutions. In layman's terms, we want to get the information that people don’t want public (sensitive, confidential, legally required to be private) on the blockchain (a public ledger) using smart contracts (digital, self-executing agreements). We are a team of developers, managers, and stakeholders from all over the world and from various disciplines working to accomplish that goal.

Use cases such as confidential credit and price feeds are being built. There are many more applications, such as protected health information (PHI), trade secrets, and confidential data.

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Our last event was a community AMA on the Zoracles main Telegram on February 17th, 2021 @ 4:00 PM UTC. Stay tuned for new event annoucements.

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